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Florida Advanced CAM Studies

Thank you for your interest in the Florida Advanced CAM Studies.

This course is the required learning program for the Certified Florida Community Association Manager program. It has been developed with the help of 188 Florida professional service providers, educators, and managers. The approximately 210 resources cover almost every aspect of community association management.

For those in the community association industry, this is the "Master’s Degree!"

In this course, learners will be able to study the community association profession in-depth by completing 7 modules of study covering the following:
  Module Title Course Number CEU
1 The CAM Profession 9627321 4
2 People Pets and Parking 9627324 4
3 Managing Technology in a Community Association 9627326 4
4 Financial Management in Community Associations 9627325 4
5 From the Top Down: Building Management 9627328 6
6 From the Inside Out: Grounds Management 9627327 4
7 Keeping it Safe: A CAM's Role in Community Security 9627329 6

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